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Spotless - Camilla Monk This was such a fun and fast-paced read.

I've been reading horor/mystery/gory stuff lately and I needed a small break from that (putting those books on hold), so of course I ended up looking for chick-lit recs.

I'm not going to say this book had super original plot and characters but I do believe that the author managed to make them stand out amongst the cookie-cutter characters generally seen in chick-lit without trying too hard.

Island was so cute. She's funny without being an idiot (HEY, CHICK-LIT AUTHORS, YOU CAN MAKE A FEMALE CHARACTER FUNNY WITHOUT LOWERING HER IQ, JUSSAYIN' IN CAPS) and relatable without being boring.

March was... something else. I felt bad for enjoying his OCD so much at first and then realizing how much it really affected him. Kudos to the author for not making his problem out to be just a funny quirk. I loved how he changed his name to the months of the year, I kept wondering when he'd get to use the month of my birthday; it was so silly.

The supporting characters were amazing. They were definitely more fleshed out than your average secondary characters in chick-lit books. Thumbs up.

Another thing that I REALLY LOVED about this book was that... wait is this a spoiler?? ....oh well... just to be sure THERE WAS NO SEX. DAS RIGHT. THANK YOU. I enjoyed the teasing but I was glad it didn't go anywhere. Sex scenes just make me so damn uncomfortable in general and it's a nice change to read a Chick-lit, romance book without having to deal with that. I don't know why most authors in this genre feel there can't be romance in a book without going there. I've gotten so used to them though that I reflexiely skip those parts, and was pleasantly surprised when I didn't have to do that at all in this book.

I think that the only thing that bothered me a little while I was reading was that I found it a little bit strange that Island got so quickly attached to her biological father. I mean... she had JUST met him and not five minutes after she was already thinking of him as "father" and hoping March wouldn't hurt him. It was just ... weird. I kept telling her to calm the hell down with the father thing because she literally did not know him at all, and then the last scene??? That was so massively awkward.

Oh well, I suppose it's a rather unique reaction considering their situation but still...

Anyway, I am definitely going to read the second book of this series!