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The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West One shouldn't have to wait four chapters to know what the main character looks like (And 6+ to know the actual physical appearance of the main love interest. I didn't stick long enough to find out as I gave up by chapter 6 and skimmed the rest. Xander was this featureless nice guy for the most part).

I'm sorry, what kind of awful writing is this that 20% into the book the reader still has this blurry mental image of one of the main characters? I felt like I had better idea of what the best friend, the best friend's boyfriend, that blind date guy--Mason, the dolls in the shop and the Styrofoam cups of chocolate/coffee Xander brought Caymen on ch.6 looked like than I did of Caymen and Xander. That is absurd.

By the time I decided I had enough of Caymen's awful bitchy and judgmental attitude (There are judgmental characters you can stand and understand, and then there's special snowflake Caymen, who excuses the fact that she's an impertinent rude brat as simply being sarcastic...proud of it, too, because she thinks she's so witty when in reality she's being tactless and insolent.), all I really knew about Xander, other than the fact that he looked "rich" (wtaf, for SIX chapters my mental image of him was that of a couple of dollar signs), is that he had gold-flecked brown eyes, oh! and that he rarely smiled, according to Caymen, who kept pointing that out every time he did which was WAY TOO OFTEN for somebody who is "stingy" with smiles, way to misjudge someone Miss Judgy Mcjudgerson, so ironic.

I skimmed the rest of the book looking for something that'd make me want to continue, instead I found out that Caymen has VERY LITTLE character growth and that she continues being a reverse-snob towards rich people until almost pretty much the end of the book. For somebody who has read /many/ YA novels, I think the fact that I couldn't stand Caymen for more than six chapters speaks volumes.

I thought I knew what I was getting into after reading The fill-in boyfriend, which was actually quite good and enjoyable. But this felt like it was written by somebody else entirely.

I should've listened to that one two-star(A VERY kind rating imho) review on the comments section that told me to avoid this book and take it off my TBR shelf. I'm so sorry I ignored you.

I don't usually write reviews (good or bad) but this book pissed me off so much that I needed to vent.

Seriously, don't waste your time, no matter how much you love YA, chick-lit or romance novels. Go try another book from the same author if you must. I might give On the Fence a try, if only because I liked TFIB way too much and I'm willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt.

First one star of the year.