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Heroes Are My Weakness

Heroes Are My Weakness - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This book has an unfortunate title, summary and cover. Why do they always give SEP such crappy looking covers? And what's up with the title? what was she thinking? Whyyy?


Of the few books that I've read from this author this might be one of the best.

So very few authors out there know how to write genuinely quirky and hilarious characters like SEP does, and Annie was one of the most delightful yet. In fact, I don't think I've ever disliked a single heroine of hers, they're all so funny and likeable.

"I'm pretty fearless," Annie replied. The puppets in her head fell all over themselves laughing.

"I Scamp, otherwise known as Genevieve Adelaide Josephine Brown, declare it a beee-u-tiful day!

She opened the door of the dumbwaiter, lowered her head, and uttered in a soft, creepy moan, "The horror..." The words uncoiled like a hissing snake. "The horrrror..."

She wanted to curtsy. To run. To tell him she didn't really need that governess job after all.

Lmao. I loved her. She made me laugh so much, and her puppets were adorable. Also, the baaaanter. The banter in these books is always the best, how can anyone not love both of the main characters when their interactions are laugh-out-loud funny?

I hate that Theo is presented as your typical asshole hero in the summary but he's really nothing of the sort. Not even in the first couple of chapters when he's not making the best of impressions, I still could tell he wasn't a jerk. It was more him trying hard to be a jerk than actually being one.

I think what set this book apart from the other ones I've read by this author were all those plot twists at the end. There was plot twist on top of plot twist on top of plot twist and I was like what the hell?? since when does SEP pull off stuff like this? I was genuinely surprised because I only saw like the first one coming and the rest just hit me out of nowhere. SO much was happening and it was so good.

And that's why that damn cover, with that stupid title and that crap summary do not make this book any justice.