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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout DNF 45% in (skimmed through the rest of the book mostly to confirm all my theories were true and that these characters were in fact that dumb and lacked any common sense).

I tried. I really did because Katy was funny and Dee was nice enough for me to try to overlook how awful Daemon, with his stupid alpha-name, was. I enjoyed the banter so much at first I was sure I would somehow accept the inevitable romance between Katy and Daemon. I even started making excuses for him in my head, thinking there surely had to be a pretty good reason for his behavior. Come on, this book was written after Twilight came out, it even makes one no so subtle reference to it at one point, so why would it make the same mistakes? Authors do try to learn from each other, right? I don't even know at this point because mostly this book came off as a slightly less irritating copy of Tw.

I can’t believe I let myself be convinced by the tons of recs this book has even though I had been avoiding it for so long for so many reasons, including that hideous cover and the fact that the blurb describes Daemon as stab-worthy. For some reason I convinced myself it'd be different and so I tried very hard to look past Daemon’s asshattery and Katy’s sudden descent into irrational hormonal fangirl. She had so much potential. But of course it had to be ruined by the hot jerk next door.

You know, I would have accepted Daemon if he had been consistent in the way he acted. You want to be a jerk and push this girl away? Fine, go ahead, do it. But don't be nice one moment and an ass the next and then nice again, and then tell me it's character development. WHY AM I EVEN... IT'S A TROPE. I KNOW. WHY DO AUTHORS FEEL THE NEED TO -WHATEVER *throws arms in the air*.

I was so very patient. I swear I was. I was going to finish this book. I wasn't going to put it on hold and come back to it later. It looked like a fast and enjoyable read, with several great reviews, even though I had been warned repeatedly about Daemon's crap attitude.

So I tried and I overlooked all the cringe worthy moments between him and Katy. I made excuses in my head and I just went with it because Katy mostly knew how to stand her ground, she wasn't absolutely helpless. Even when she gave me second-hand embarrassment now and then.

But then the Cullens 2.0 showed up and Katy began transforming into a jealous, irrational idiot and then she... she... ran onto a road and in front a freaking truck, only days later after almost being killed outside the freaking library, which was days after almost being attacked by a freaking bear.

We're not half way through the book and she's had to be saved three times already. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

"I doubt you’d last very long without someone to rescue you.”


When I skimmed through the rest I was not surprised to see that the similarities with Twilight only increased and that Daemon was in fact being an ass for crap reasons that made no real sense. And even though he did not "sparkle" he did turn into a freaking "sun". And Katy almost dies again (I lost count) and that they were aliens "In hiding" except they have NO IDEA how to be inconspicuous, in fact they seem to make an effort to stand out as much as they possibly can. The book is pretty much a tropefest all in all. . I'm glad I quit.

Anyway, although this was a painful experience it taught me that I should always trust my gut instinct when it’s telling me NOT TO READ a certain book. No matter how many people I follow recommend it or how many times it’s mentioned in book rec lists, or how many stars it's got. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. This one is on me.

So I’ll take that from this, as well as this awesometastic quote that made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night:

“I gluttonously ate each breath.”

Perfect. You get an extra star just for that ;)