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Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie It cost me a lot to get through this book. I'll be fair though, it started interesting enough. It wasn't terribly original but the characters were witty and fun... for a while. Okay... for 20% of the book. After that it was all downhill. I don't understand how this book has such a high rating since it can be summed up with this quote from Gilmore Girls.

"You know, I should just write down all my random thoughts and stuff that happens to me and conversations I have and just add a bunch of "he said, she said"-'s, and get it published."

Because that's literally what the author did. The book is 90% dialogue, which became repetitive and annoying very fast.

"Yeah," he said and sighed.
"Just keep thinking about that doughnut," Min said.
"Cool," Harry said again, beaming at her. Min smiled back.
"I gotta go," Harry said, not going anywhere.
"Good luck," Min said.
"Yeah," Harry said, nodding for another minute or so.

If that bit of dialogue made you want to smash something then this book is not for you. STAY AWAY. BECAUSE THAT'S AT LEAST 90% OF IT.

He said, she said, he said, she said, and then he said, but then she said. Said, said, said, said, because words like 'asked', 'exclaimed', 'whispered', 'yelled', 'cursed', 'sighed', 'declared', 'stated', or just plain leaving dialogue alone when in doubt never crossed this author's mind.

I do not know if this was the author's first book but that would explain the awful prose. I just found myself rewriting random bits in my head to make it bearable, which you can only imagine how annoying that got and it's not like I've got awesome writing skills.

All in all, decent plot, okay dialogue (slightly funny), meh-ish characters, awful execution.

Demonizing men for the hell of it is also not funny.

Two stars, because even though it was a crappy read I've read much worse and I did not actually hate the characters, which is saying a lot. So there.