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"Fools have a habit of believing that everything written by a famous authors is admirable. For my part I read only to please myself and like only what suits my taste." -Voltaire, Candide

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Ruta Sepetys

毒姫 1 [Dokuhime 1]

毒姫 1 [Dokuhime 1] - Mitsukazu Mihara Good manga so far. The art style is gorgeous and the plot is interesting.
Brutal and beautiful. There was one particular scene in the very first chapter that actually made my jaw drop. Man, this can get bloody and graphic really fast.

I wish I knew what is going on with those three Princes, especially Kait, he's...such a weird boy. Is he a bunny murderer? why doesn't he like speaking to others much? how old is he? isn't he supposed to be the same age as his other two brothers? why does he look like a little kid then? why do the three have the same mark? what's their story?

So many questions. I'll probably have to read another volume today. Can't be helped.