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"Fools have a habit of believing that everything written by a famous authors is admirable. For my part I read only to please myself and like only what suits my taste." -Voltaire, Candide

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By Your Side

By Your Side - Kasie West That ending was kind of... underwhelming, but man was this a super cute read.

It seems Kasie West is either hit or miss with me. I absolutely loved "The Fill-in Boyfriend" and couldn't even get through other two books of hers. I am glad I was willing to give this author another chance because I really liked this book.

So it wasn't a 5 star read, but it was a more than enjoyable all in all, with a plot that was very straightforward. It was adorable, the drama wasn't too much (which I appreciate in this case), all characters were likeable, and I didn't want to strangle any of the teens in this novel *gasp*.

Consider this 4.5 stars.